Introducing Holistic Process Thinking™ from Grá Consultants 

Do you find that your projects and process change efforts stagnate? Do they take much longer and require more effort than you anticipated? Do your project plans and team assignments not meet their targets? When changes are implemented, are they less beneficial than you believed they would be? 

We spent the second half of last year posing these questions to ourselves, talking to others, and researching why projects are often less efficient and effective than they should be. 

We have developed Holistic Process Thinking™ (HPT) to help solve the problem of stagnation and less-than-ideal outcomes to projects across your business. 

HPT is an operational toolkit developed exclusively by Grá Consultants that enables individuals and teams to deliberately and consciously focus on how they approach challenges, projects and processes leading to better decision-making and business outcomes. 

HPT deliberately integrates multiple competencies and disciplines, and in so doing creates a dynamic approach that pulls the most powerful and appropriate elements of each into a unified process-based discipline. Each step of the way, HPT supports participants through the reintroduction and relearning of vitally important skills like the art of asking questions, active listening and comprehension, and action prioritization to name a few. 

Through considered integration, we pull the most critical elements from each of these disciplines to enable us to look at challenges, processes, and projects from numerous perspectives. We then develop actionable solutions and options quickly and effectively, enabling better business-aligned decisions. 

Engaging in the HPT journey with us will allow team members to improve their proficiencies in these disciplines, enabling them to be personally more efficient and effective, and establish new patterns and ways of interacting with one another and the business. By design, HPT is not a one-off approach; it is a methodology that changes the way your team approaches your business and one another going forward. 

At its heart the HPT model is about consciously and deliberately thinking about how we approach different aspects of projects and processes to achieve the best result. Not being afraid to challenge ourselves and try different things. Overcome the fear of failure, and learn fast from those failures to determine a better path forward. Undertaking a rigorous approach to projects and processes that utilises a wide ranging yet focused methodology that addresses every element of a project results in better ideation, prioritisation, and decision making. 

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